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Each site includes a matching, integrated mobile site. Look good on all devices, not only computers!


Built with rapid prototyping to save you tons of money, these sites are an unrivaled value.

A fully-featured web site starting at $199!

You decide the details

Using the form at the bottom of this page, let me know all the features and visual aspects you need included with your site. I’ll use this info to create an awesome web site that you’ll love. Get started now!

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A fantastic value

If you’ve ever received a bid from a web design firm you probably aren’t surprised to hear that a custom web site can easily run you into the thousands (or tens-of-thousands)-of-dollars range quickly. This is because there are so many tiny details that make up a web site it simply takes a lot of hours to get one built properly.

By beginning with a pre-built structural template, I can cut out 70-80% of the normal workload involved in developing a the behind-the-scenes stuff on your site, and that means a 70-80% reduction in cost to you.

Through September of 2014 I’m able to offer you a home page, an about page, and a contact page (with email form) for $199!

Why is it this cheap?

Small local businesses are not only the key to our economy’s success but they’re the key to my own business’ survival as well. Unfortunately a fully custom built web site simply tends to cost too much money for many small businesses to afford.

I am excited to announce that I have begun developing sites using a structural template system that saves a ton of development time. I’d like to forward that value to you. In my mind, the more small businesses I can get set up with a great online presence, the better. It’s a win-win situation!

While many designers and developers like to go after the big-time clients with vast budgets and trigger-happy checkbook-wielding accountants, I like to keep it close to home, form lasting relationships, and offer the highest quality work and support I can.

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